The founding partner, Alec Lim Chaw Chen graduated from Multimedia University on 2012 and chambered in Messrs Dennis Nik & Wong in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

He was called to the Bar on 5.7.2013. He later joined Messrs Liza Chan & Co in Petaling Jaya, Selangor under the guidance of Ms. Liza Chan Sow Keng on 16.10.2013. During his time in Messrs Liza Chan & Co, he expanded his horizon to amongst others the following cases; appeal and/or applications:

  • appeal to High Court and Court of Appeal
  • full trial
  • injunction application
  • summary judgment application
  • amendment application
  • striking out application
  • discovery application
  • setting aside application
  • stay of execution application
  • stay of proceeding application
  • various methods in enforcing order and judgment
  • review of employment and corporate documents
  • sale and purchase agreement
  • sale of property by public auction

He subsequently joined Messrs Koh Kim Leng & Co in Melaka on 15.10.2018 and exposed himself to banking litigation and various advisory works.